5 Question to ask when picking a Drug Rehab Center

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5 Question to ask when picking a Drug Rehab Center

5 Questions to Ask When Picking a Drug Rehab. I just read a story full of $25 dollar words explaining what the “right treatment” center must offer to be the one you should pick.      Well, I went to the most basic sober living house ran by a guy with less than a year sober himself. The house had several Harley’s in the garage, where I kept my $13 worth of ST Vincent De Paul’s wardrobe on a pool cover with a sheet.  A few people in the sober living pitched into a collection to get me some clothes, because I had only the one outfit I was wearing when I got arrested.        We went to 2 meeting a day. We had No therapist, just a nightly house meeting.  I wanted treatment and more answers so I read the Big Book and worked with my sponcer.        I was coming off of alcohol and a 16 year IV heroin habit.  Later on in my 1st year of sobriety I got myself into community college to study alcohol and drug treatment classes. I made that into my treatment program.  I have 24 years clean.  We just had a 25 year reunion of that sober living group. 19 of us showed up sober, and we received messages from so many more of us who are still in the program who did not attend the reunion.          I love treatment centers, my work is in treatment, and I deeply believe in therapy. I don’t think it is that big of a deal where you go for help.  The important thing is to get out of your home area, away from your friends & family and get help.  I have been talking to families on hot lines for over 20 years.         I feel so sorry for the people calling all over internet looking for the best, most perfect treatment center.       In my opinion, “Don’t spend all of your money.”  Quantity is more important than perceived quality” Go where you can comfortable afford the program with the intention of staying in a structured  setting for as long as you can.         I stayed in sober living for 2 & a half years. I still go to meetings regularly.  I have a successful full life & a good marriage. 


The Realities of staying sober long term

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The Realities of staying sober long term

Getting sober and staying sober is much more about changing your life than it is about having will power.