Wreckage of the Past.  The program teaches that all power is in the Here & Now.No matter how much we worry about the past it doesn’t get any better.As a person passes from loaded to clean memories are not exactly crisp & clear. The people you were high with usually feel anger, hurt, or co-dependent attachment.  The citizens you were dealing with in your  active addiction tend to have clearer recall of  how you act went.  They may be full of thoughts that feature the worst of the worst. Here in lies the rub.  These issues often continues long into our recovery time.   Wreckage of the past.When you first start recovery it rushes at you hard and heavy.  Addicts often owebills in all directions. People are angry & hurt by the actions of active addiction.There’s trouble with the law, or trouble at work, or trouble with no job.  Maybe you can’t live at home with the family, or you are with the family and they aren’t crazy about you being there. It takes a lot of good concentration to get through each day of life.  When you try to lead you life under the influence, it comes to pass that here and there you are in a semi comma, black out, or just missed the mark on how high you meant to get.  That’s when the body and some exaggerated emotions walk around signing you up for stuff to be involved with that your organized self may not have elected to do. Even after you get sober it takes some time for the brain chemistry to repair to the point where the soul can take back over of the decision making process. Mind and body are tools of the soul.  Mind and body are temporary, the soul is the eternal.  The mind can flood with emotions, post traumatic stress, feelings of loneliness, anger, fear, co-dependency and is convinced that the past dictates the future.                    The body craves, knows addiction, lust, and the hunger.  When you have an internal conversation Feeler #1  “Should I just tell a little lie to get my way to prevail in this situation?           No one will even know” Feeler #2  “You said you were going to stop lying. Stop breaking promises to yourself”   Which feeler is your true self? Feeler #1 the one that sees all of the loop holes.            Or Feeler #2 the one that lines up with what you have been deciding? Do you believe your ‘high powered self’ is the one who justifies so that you can stay sane even in the face of your desires?Or …….Do you believe your ‘higher powered self’ is the one that pulls you in the positive direction and reminds you of you commitments to your newly found values?      Who you are.  Your Highest self is the one listening to the conversation.Living in the Here and Now Just the way that it is, and just the way that it is not.One women’s story.  Still dealing with the ‘wreckage of the past’ with over twenty years into recovery.    This gal has wonderful long term clean and sober time.  Her life has become a blissful  adventure of peace as a witness.  She appears to have actually declared peace on everybody and everything. This mind set moved in and replaced the constant feelings of confusion,  and an overpowering need to judge and control in the midst of chaotic whims in reaction to conditions.  Her past self had three speeds overkill, slough, and unavailable.  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Addicts-Do-Recovery/265130883530881Dedicated to Mario SotoA fine young man in recovery changing his life.  It’s an honor and a privilege to observe him living as sober productive member of society. His focus is positive and inspired.  http://lagunaniguel.patch.com/users/loriann-witte-cac. 949-292-2000