Inpatient Rehab

Southern California Rehab located in San Juan Capistrano, California

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Wits Inn Recovery deals with drug addiction and alcoholism and is located in Southern California.

When a person is beginning their journey into the world of recovery it is important for them to have a structured enviroment, and this is what Wits Inn Recovery offers. We offer morning groups, afternoon and night groups along with 12-step recovery meetings. Southern California is a haven for clean and sober people in and out of rehab.

These groups focus on a variety of essential skills a person would need in order to stay clean and sober such as boundaries, co-dependency, self-esteem, and short and long tem goals as they relate to sobriety.  We read a 12-step daily meditation book then, we process the message in order to grow and understand what recovery is all about.

Dual Diagnosis Group

These groups are designed for those who suffer from mental disorders as well as chemical dependency. We have a certified counselor who works with dual diagnosis patients on a personal level. Inpatient rehab mixes dual diagnosis and chemical dependancy patients togeather.

Family Group

Wits Inn Recovery offers a family therapy group in order to strengthen to relationship between the addicted person and his/her family. This is a vital step in recovery.

Relapse Prevention Group

Relapse prevention is a big part of recovery. We at Wits Inn recovery strengthen the persons self-esteem and coping skills in order for them to live a happy successful life in recovery without relapse. Relapse is dangerous and we a Wits Inn Recovery make strong emphasis on how to prevent a relapse.

Anger Management Group

Anger is usually a large factor in ones chemical dependency. It is usually a lack of coping mechanisms. At Wits Inn we teach these life skills in order to calm the patient down when he/she is in a real life situation

Process Group towards Hope

This group is specifically designed to help clients with major life issues such as relationships, career problems, child rearing problems.  Clients must leave Wits Inn Recovery with fewer problems that they arrived with if they are to maintain their sobriety and a happy life.  This group is aimed towards looking at those issues and finding group based solutions.  Goal directed behavior, setting new goals, and giving up dysfunctional goals are all a part of this process. 

Family Issues Group

This group is focused on family or origin issues, and current family issues.  It may deal with lessons learned as small children, as adolescents, and as adults, from significant others in the family structure.  The aim is to not assign blame, but to redo the lessons in a useful direction, so the client can be more functional in their lives.  Issues which have been a part of a client from the beginning, can be resolved quite effectively if they are brought to light, and this group attempts to bring such lessons into focus.  

Step Group

This is a group designed to introduce the 12-steps into a persons life. We bring the clients to 12-step meeting in Southern California and request that they acquire a sponsor and begin to work the 12 steps with another person. At Wits Inn Recovery we bring the clients through the first 3 steps in order to get them started on their road to recovery and to help them live a productive life of sobriety.

Twelve Step Programs

Clients are required to attend at least one 12-step meeting a day along with inpatient rehab groups. They are encouraged to become a part of the 12-step community and make sober friends in the Southern California 12-step community in order to help ensure sobriety.

Psychosocial Evaluation and Testing

Each client is given a full psychosocial evaluation after they have completed their detoxification.  This includes a history, provisional diagnosis, mental status, treatment plan and summary.

Medical Stabilization

Wits Inn Recovery has a medical doctor on site to help aid with the clients detoxification from drugs and alcohol as well as provide medical assistance with dual diagnosis patients if necessary. Clients meet with the doctor once a week for an alotted time period to help ensure comfortable detoxification.

Individual Therapy

Clients are assigned a licensed Psychologist, Marriage and Family Therapist, or Clinical Social Worker for one to two hours per week for individual therapy, the individual therapy covers whatever issues that were diagnosed during the psychosocial evaluation.  Our clinictians are the best in their field and have many years of expirience.

Peer Living

Clients live in residential housing with other clients who are in various stages of treatment for substance abuse.  They thus receive the benefit and wisdom of peers who are farther along in the program on a twenty-four hour a day, seven days a week basis.  Later they will provide support for their peers when they are near completing their program at Wits Inn Recovery.   Call Wits Inn Recovery 949-292-2000


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  1. jirsay
    Jun 01, 2011 @ 14:16:54

    You’re doing noble work. Keep it up!


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