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My name Loriann Witte CAC and my work is addiction recovery treatment and rehab marketing.  I am an individual expression of spirit in study as a human being.  My recovery from 16 years of drug abuse, alcoholism, and depression made a profound impression on this life.  I was born a lover of life to my most intelligent parents.  Real and perceived trauma turned my mind and heart into a pit of despair; this pain set up a compulsion, an obsessive searching for anesthetic relief.  I was looking for answers to my emotional problems.  A rebellious spirit overtook my focus.  I found recovery in 1987.
              My recovery passions have included working as an interventionist, at one time for a treatment center who advertised on the A& E Intervention show.  I am a certified alcoholism councilor CAC.  I have been the cook, and the Program Director; cleaned up detox fall out and have held the title of CEO.  Regular attendance of Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Adult Children of Alcoholics, and the Center for Spiritual Living of Capistrano Valley highlight my personal life.  Right now I have a radio show on called Wits End. I am writing my bio for your review inquiring about the Career Opportunity you have advertised for Business Development Representative.  You can see my videos and more about my work with in my Resume with includes many attachments. 949-292-2000 my current Company is Wits Inn, & Wits End Interventions. Treatment Referral
Loriann Witte CAC           949-292-2000     Certified Addiction Councilor
     1989 graduate of Saddleback’s Human Services Dept.
     Alcohol & Drug Studies 

Continuing Education Units maintained for the past 21 years

My personal sobriety date is 9-5-1987

Active membership of AA, Al Anon, & Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACA)

Physically Fit member of 24 hour fitness, Organic vegan vegetarian,

My personal disciplines include Meditation, Walking my dogs, loving my husband of 30 years.  My goal is for my words to become kinder everyday.
Daniel Nahmod + One Powe

I have been in practice as Wits Inn Recovery and Wits End Interventions for the past several years.  I have established web sites, blogs, a You tube channel, various forms of social media, I wrote a chapter in a recently published treatment book, in process of another book project, and I am the host of a weekly CBS radio therapy talk show; all of these projects are used to generate callers looking for addiction treatment options. 949-292-2000
      I have a sober living house with 6 beds
      I work with an addiction Doctor,
      who can do out patient detox for my house guests
      I go on interventions, or contract out to interventionist that I have        trained        
      I do court appearances; write alternative sentencing plans, with case  management

      I do paid spot lights of treatment centers and clinicians on our CBS radio show

      We offer advertising opportunities on our treatment referral site and our radio site
My effort for over two decades has been to remain a student of what works and what doesn’t work in changing field of addiction recovery treatment and marketing.

In order for treatment professionals to do our good work we must keep a keen eye  focused on economic trends, the rapidly changing landscape on the internet, insurance, community and government contracts, legalities, licensing boards, community zoning, and maybe most importantly; methods of collections and bookkeeping 
My treatment theory is 12-step, Jungian, Experiential Holistic, Medically supervision
I believe Addiction Recovery is often accompanied by
Post Traumatic Stress and Adult Children of Alcoholic’s issues 

Attending Science of the Mind Practitioner classes for 4 year’s prerequisite ministerial studies with the Centers for Spiritual Living
2010 Training in Social Media and SEO 
I am Microsoft certified by New Horizons Computer training schools of Anaheim, CA      Three times attended a previous Microsoft Office Trainings Studied a Web Master Certification program out of Yahoo of Sydney Australia

Proficiency in Quick Books, Outlook, Goldmine, HTML, and wordpress

Our main website     

Our word press Addiction Recovery blog

You tube channel Wits End Movies

Radio Show

Metaphysical Blog 

U stream At Wits Inn Radio

An Intervention web site

Book project where my chapter Gratitude and Grace was published by New Directions

Owned and operated Witts Inn Clinical Behavioral Health, Inc.
From 1990 thru 2004

Witts Inn was a wonderful addiction treatment system 
7 houses, state licensed recovery homes & sober living
Sober High School insurance contracts and Horizons continuation schools teachers
SASCA contracts, probation approved, many insurance contracts

Home Peace, Domestic Violence Programs and contracts, Monitored Visitation

Interventionist, court liaison services.

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Loriann Witte CAC 949-292-2000
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Loriann Witte CAC

Drug & alcohol intervention / Sobriety coach / Counselor

CAC Certified Alcoholism Counselor
Graduated 1989 Saddleback College, Mission Viejo, CA 
A two year certificate program
Dean’ s list Student

CPC Hospitals (Community Psychiatric)
Internship followed by 3 years of employment 
Counselor – Chemical Dependency Counter Point Program
                   – Primary Treatment = Group & 1o1 Client Care
                   –  Multi-Family Primary =History/ resentments/ Love – Forgiveness  
Family After Care – Co-coordinator and group facilitator – Al anon Support
One on One with Family members & Client after discharge
Limited to my scope of practice
                      Chemical dependency, spiritual, & career counseling
Assistant Program Director
Responsibilities: assist in JCOHA review preparation
staffing reports to director of nursing/acuity notices/ incident reports 
documentation standards adherence, Staff coverage of treatment schedule

CPC Mental Health Program’s
               Internship Mental Health Worker
               Supervision, support, activities of daily living, charting
                       5150 locked unit client on holds

As a Para-professional supervised by MFCC & Psychiatrist Treatment Team
               Groups & Activities     – 55 Plus Geriatric clients
                                                  – Children MH program
                                                  – Teen Behavioral program
              Process Group & Documentation – Multi personality women   

Owner & Co-Founder – Group Facilitator – First Step out Patient Program 
                                             with support of CPC Hospital       
         Wrote the Treatment Program – 
          3 owners MFCC, LCSW, and myself staffed the groups
          CPC kept us licensed & compliant 

Co-Owner – First Step of Laguna Beach – Program Director,
Responsibilities: State License Compliance
Pursuing and complying with Insurance Contracts
Devising a Treatment Protocol – Staffing, Scheduling the Treatment Center
Working with local MD’s  – out Patient Detox
Writing a Policy & Procedure Manual for State License
Writing an employee Manual
Maintaining Parole Contract with SASCA for Placement

Witts Inn – Co-owner, for 13 years – Recovery Homes & Sober living house
Out Patient Treatment Center
P-C1000 programs in English & Spanish
Domestic Violence Programs
Primary Treatment / Family Treatment
Sober High School for Teens / education with treatment
Community drug testing business/ local company contract testing pre-hire
Alternative Sentencing –appearing in court & writing progress reports for probation
Hosting Professional & Community Recovery Events
My professional involvement includes:
    Attendance of education seminars, speaking and writing articles.

Spencer Recovery Center –   
    Intake, Intervention, Group process facilitator, and Aftercare Sobriety Coaching,
gave opinions and assistance in computer tech to the sales staff

    I wrote and implemented “Beyond Treatment” a multi-family discharge planning group
    to insure continuity of care and to enlist sober living interns and continued care marketing

I believe SRC is one of the leading addiction Rehab systems in the USA today
Cutting edge methods; beautiful facilities
well know and well respected company

The Basic Text of NA says:
               “The therapeutic value of one addict helping another is without parallel.”

My personal sobriety date is 9-5-1987
I became staff during my own treatment –  1st Bookkeeping – Then House Manager
– Then assistant Program Director – I stayed on in the recovery program as staff
working for Mainstream Support Group for over 2 and a half years, while in school.

I am an active member of the 12-step programs
I am a sponsor and I have a sponsor
I have started meetings and have held the secretary & other service positions many times
I have been involved in service at the local and regional levels
I held the co-chair position of Hospital & Institutions NA for 11 years
I have taken meetings into Orange County jails and Chino State Prison

Recovery is my life’s work and my personal path for 20 years
Are You at Your Wit’s End?
If so, contact Wits End Interventions at (949) 292-2000
Into Action, We Do Recover

Heroin and cocaine addiction

California Rehab and Orange County Sober Living holistic fitness


That’s my Mum above in the picture with me.

Loriann Witte CAC

      Loriann Witte CAC 949-292-2000
This is how I came up with the names for these companies
Holly Bible
Psalm 107.27  Wits End
[25] For he commandeth, and raiseth the stormy wind, which lifteth up the waves thereof.
[26] They mount up to the heaven, they go down again to the depths: their soul is melted because of trouble.
[27] They reel to and fro, and stagger like a drunken man,
                      and are at their Wits’ End
[28] Then they cry unto the LORD in their trouble, and he bringeth them out of their distresses.
[29] He maketh the storm a calm, so that the waves thereof are still.
[30] Then are they glad because they be quiet; so he bringeth them unto their desired haven
My personal story of addiction and recovery;
      My addiction started with LSD, marijuana, & alcohol use to open my mind.  Many people have searched for maturity using drugs & drinking.  Maturity came and my addiction continued to progress to meth, coke, IV heroin, and methadone maintenance.   In the end the progression went on past drug addiction into the most life defeating compulsion of all alcoholism and cigarettes.  As my body began to shut down, I blew out a heart value with an infection on my metric value; endocarditic.  Four spots on my lungs, one on the liver and one on the pancreas.  I began to die, painfully.  The party was so over; and I still couldn’t quit. 

     I left hospitals 6 times over 6 months ‘against medical advice’.   I was no longer physically or socially able to live outside of an institution for more than a few days before I was arrested and returned to yet another medical hospital.     

      Hanging on to life became more sur-real as time went on seeing lots of blood.  The spike fevers took me to visit seemingly other dimensions.  The final emergency room scene morphed into a ‘mid-Carnac’ spiritual event.  I was still living walking closer to death than life.  When the emergency room staff put a central line into my neck (as I had no other veins left to insert an IV’; something went amiss and a major blood vessel was torn.  A great quantity of blood flowed into the chest cavity and collapsed the lung. 

       A chest tube had to be inserted without anesthesia, because my blood pressure and respiration vitals were to low to allow me to be put asleep.  Blood went splat out onto the doctor & nurses who were on all sides of me holding me down.  With the splat time paused then went into very slow, soundless motion.  I felt no pain in a cool breeze as “I” found myself hovering over the bed in the intensive care unit facing my body and all of the action.  I was vaguely present and profoundly removed from my situation at the same time.  I heard or felt a voice.  You will not die, this is suffering, I have work for you to do.  You can believe this or not, I can not forget it.  My life changed from that day to this.

        Once I was moved from ICU to an indigent bed on the 5th floor of UCI hospital in Orange, CA I began to receive visitors.  The prison ministries of The Chrystal Cathedral’s New Hope outreach program came to me as a minister who asked me to be born again.  Of course I was open to a message of deliverance. 

         I am a recovering addict who believes the reason I survived and was released from darkness is because it was all about preparing for my life of love and service to my fellow addicts and their families.  I have been sober in the presence of so many perfect spirits seeking an end to their suffering. 

         I love my life.  I accept and embrace my whole life.  I forgive everybody, I forgive myself, and I forgive all past experience.  I am free, I am free. I live to forgive and I forgive to live.  I have worked in most every job one can do in rehabs, the 12 step programs, and in my beloved church.  God is good, all of the time.  call Loriann Witte CAC 949-292-2000


War on Drug is now in Iraq too

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Iraq group of soldiers

American Soldiers in Iraq

Veterans Day 2010-11-11

The war on Drugs is now in Iraq too.

Society continues to declare war even though we have known for so long that everybody looses in war.  Wounded U.S. soldiers are being patched up and returned to battle before they are healed. The wounds in this case are to the psyche, caused by the trauma and horror that are as integral to war as guns and death.

In Iraq and Afghanistan, when “suck it up” fails to snap a soldier out of depression or panic, the Army turns to drugs. “Soldiers I talked to were receiving bags of antidepressants and sleeping meds in Iraq, but not the trauma care they needed.

In many cases, their problem is labeled stress. “Army docs have told me that commanders pressured them not to diagnose PTSD because it would cut into combat power—the ability to project men and women into war.“  The docs admit that the decision [to misdiagnose] is unethical, but are unwilling to take the huge career risk of becoming a whistle blower.”

Other soldiers self-medicate. “We were so junked out on Valium, we had no emotions anymore.  We have American soldiers in Iraq who have become addicted to Valium.

They were prepared for war. They were prepared to die for their country. But soldiers say they weren’t prepared to come home and fight a different battle — addiction to illegal drugs. 

Many of this country’s bravest men and women who volunteered to defend America in a time of war have come home wounded — physically and mentally — and are turning to illicit drugs as they adjust to normal life, according to soldiers, health experts and advocates. Having regularly ferried the bodies of American soldiers killed in combat — with

Tears of a US soldier

The stress is not to be contained

  The nightmares were too bad, he said.

“(Soldiers are) coming back, drinking, fighting, putting thousand dollar tabs down at a bar and drinking four to five hours, getting to the point where you don’t give a crap about anything anymore (or) anybody, don’t care if you live or die…the point where you do drugs.”  

Army doctors prescribed anti-depressants and painkillers for him — two-type written pages worth since he’s been back — but he didn’t like how the drugs made him feel.  So he said he turned to self-medication with methamphetamines.

“The nightmares were killing me from being over there. The pain was so bad I didn’t want to deal with it. Well, amphetamines is a real quick way to get rid of it,” the soldier said. “I was snorting it, and I was smoking it, and then I was hot railing it, and then I got to the point where I was actually injecting it in my arms,” said this young vet, who eventually checked himself into rehab and is now clean. 

If you are dealing with a vet who is having problems coping and turning to drugs and alcohol to treat his post traumatic stress maybe we can help. 

Wits End Interventions are available to talk with the families of vets.  Educate and organize them to be able to formulate a plan for the vet to receive the rehab they need to put them back together. Then our highly skilled interventionist will lead the family in a love and respect intervention presentation that gets the vet ready and willing, and then transports and admits them into a drug treatment center with the VA or private.

Call Wits End Interventions


US solders in Iraq

Beyond Treatment. What’s next for the newly recovering addict or alcoholic

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Loriann Witte     Wits Inn Recovery and Wits End Interventions

My person story of Recovery from Mental Illness and Addiction

       If you are or if your loved one is caught in this vicious cycle
of Addiction feeding into to Depression, my story of recovery and

Drug Treatment Rehab may touch you can help.  

Wits Inn has been helping people cope with their addiction recovery

issues while stabilizing dual diagnosis people for over 20 years.

Call 949-292-2000

Private Rehab presented with dignity & respect

Interventions for the reluctant to recover

Loriann Witte CAC   Google my name

See Witts Inn Recovery on Face books read the Discussions.

We are also a referral source for many Rehabs luxury to low cost, affordable

Private cash pay and rehab paid by Insurance.

Drug and alcohol Rehabs & Drug and Alcohol Family Intervention

according to your needs, budget or health insurance


   Remember, recovery brings hope.

Loriann’s Personal story


Gratitude and Grace


How do I feel about myself today after 23 years in recovery? I can sleep. I can go to sleep at night, right out, with out taking anything. Being able to sleep gives me the energy to get up in the morning and be a part of life. I have learned that getting up on time is an important factor in my being a productive member of society. Going to bed on time, and being able to sleep is just as important. In the early months of recovery sleep did not come easily to me for a while. I was told I wouldn’t die from losing sleep. Getting some sober time was promised as the answer to my difficulties. Thank God I hung in there and stayed clean waiting to see that staying sober would change my life for the better. We have to give clean time, time to change us. 
This means a great deal to me. I never could sleep before getting clean. I laid awake and suffered, thinking of all of my insurmountable problems. I’d think and think instead of sleep. My mind played movies for me every night in living color. I’d lay in bed and re-live any embarrassment or shame from the now showing selection of my mental movie collection. The program of recovery has showed me how to clean up my act. I don’t experience embarrassment and shame on a regular basis in my new live. 
My brain chemistry is balanced. I live without drugs or alcohol. No more getting high and then coming down hard. Hurt feelings are no longer the status quo. 
I roll through my life suiting up and showing up. I do my part as a human being. From the time I wake up in the morning, anytime symptoms of the dis-ease start to come on me, I keep reminding myself to think, how I can be of service. The Big Book of AA says some symptoms of the disease of addiction are ‘becoming bored, restless, and dis-content.’ I know I have to watch out for these feelings. 
The hours of the day when I am awake are mine to enjoy. I now feel like I lead my life, I’m at choice about what I am going to experience. In active addiction my life leads me. I just watched as things happened to me. All thinking was centered in the getting and using and finding ways and means to get more. The disease of addiction talked to me all of the time. “Ok Loriann, you just stay high while we go to divorce court. While you are working on getting money to use, we are now going through eviction.” The disease told me “you drive better drunk, so now we are going to jail.” 
Taking step 1 of the 12 steps made me realize I was powerless over drugs and my life had become unmanageable. Step by step this new way of thinking gave me the freedom to have power in the other parts of my life. Working the steps and going to meetings quieted down the voice of my dis-ease. I am free to choose how I act and even how I think. I’m learning to put a positive spin on most everything. I feel so much better because of positive thinking. I declare myself as happy, joyous, and free.
I have come to believe that I gave up enough of my life to fret, worry and discord. I have changed my mind and choose to walk on the path of hope, good works, and taking very special care of my precious self. 
Most of my life I was shy. More than shy I was afraid of people. I could only communicate by being rough and tough, or a desperate victim. Raising my hand and sharing in meetings taught me that I do have something to say. The people in the meetings starting responding to me differently when I was able to share about the new solutions I was learning. 

If you are wondering what going to all of these 12-step meetings can possible do for you, know that all of us had this same question. It’s a new way of spending our time with people. It is healthy to be around other people who are in the process of making a difference in their own lives and the lives of others. The people in the meetings are talking about what they are doing to cope. As alcoholics and addicts we know plenty about the problems of life. We know all about what we do not want. Solution is the message of the program. Meetings are a life style. I go most everyday because that is what I believe will keep me clean and sane. 
Getting commitments in meetings and eventually being a part of service taught me about how to interact. In service to AA & NA we learned how to operate a business meeting according to standards but we all said the serenity prayer before we started. In service you find plenty of differing ideas about what is the best way to carry the message of recovery. The message I got out of this was to accept the things I can not change. It is better to be happy and healthy than it is to be right. I learned preserving the power of the group conscious was more important than a personal victory. The lessen I learned in all of this is humility. Humility is not to be confused with humiliation. Humility for me has been about valuing my ability to be a part of systems that benefit me and others. I am able to be an important part of the system with out it being all about me. This is a whole new attitude and out look on life. 
Going to meetings and working a program has taught me so many useful skills. One way to love my job is to be responsible. The ability to respond comes along with the ability to be awake for the time I am being paid to respond to my company’s needs. Part of being responsible is to wake up on time with a good attitude about being of service. Another part of this recipe is to go to bed on time. Being able to wake up happy and get excited about my plans for the day is a skill not luck. Taking good care of my brain has become very important to me. 
Life in addiction was filled with “Oh, I can take it.” I used to say “When it’s too tuff for everybody else, it’s just right for me.” That is a philosophy of the past that no longer serves me. Recovery has taught me if a gentle flow with life is what I desire, it is most reasonable to treat my self and others genteelly. We reap as we sow. 
Swimming up stream all the time proved to be undesirable. I am very much my own person. When I feel I disagree with an established pattern within my scope, I change my own action. Lighting one candle, let change begin with me. 
As I write this story I have been married for 28 years. My husband and I have also come a long way in learning how to be loving partners in peaceful co-existence. We have come to know through an abundance of trial and error how to support each others’ individual life experience with out one life defining the other. I walk beside my husband giving as much love and respect as I can muster. When his walk is not a part of my highest good it gives me another opportunity to individuate and have personal strength within my self. In the course of a long term marriage (or even a new relationship) people don’t always live up to who they want to be. My husband is my dear friend as often as I let him be and as often as he is able to be. I appreciate the time of love and support we have been able to share with each other over the years. 

I married my drug connection whom I met in a bar at 6:00 AM. We were married 6 years before recovery. Even after we got clean we have not always been sober together. That’s the way it is and reality has to be acceptable to me if I am to know peace. All in all my marriage is the best part of my life.
I’m not afraid anymore. Fear was my number one feeling. The feelings of anger and rejection all turned out to be based in fear. I got to take a look at these old feelings and events with a sober head. While writing my steps I came to know a lot of the unrest I went through was all a bunch of fear. Some of the 12 step writing helped me like a road map. Writing the steps established a state of grace in my thinking. I went back over things and started to see that everybody does the best thing they can think of to do in each moment just like I have. I began to forgive others; I have since then forgiven myself. I feel safe and sure. I love myself. I passionately enjoy being alive. 
Observing the passage of time and events with out judgment is such a gift of serenity. What happens does not have to be judged as good or bad. Very often now I can understand that what ever happens is neither good nor bad but all just part of life experience. That kind of level headed, art of just being, allows me to feel safe and happy to be me.
My journey to serenity has been about rounding off the rough edges of my personality. Somehow I took on a mistaken idea that I had to make a big production out of everything to feel alive or to be noticed. In recovery I know it is so important to be slow to anger and quick to forgive. 
I like the idea of keeping my side of the street clean. The light I shine on all of my days gives me energy to create my own intentions. I take the time to formulate what I want to happen then take the action to support my intention. My big deal is to trust. Trust the process of the program of recovery. 
I have learned how to love myself so much, that I can love you and carry the message of hope in recovery. I’ve come a long way, baby. I don’t know why I had to walk the crooked path. The why of the past isn’t as important to me, as it once was. What I know is true is that my way has been made clear before me. The crooked path has been made straight.
In my years as a member of the recovery community I have seen so many people come and go. It appears to be much easier to get clean than it is to stay clean. Only the diligent make it for any period of time. Meeting makers make it. The absolute joy is the miracles that have unfolded before my eyes. I also know the ones who have come and stayed in the program. We share our lives together. By sitting in meetings with these people we do the wed and the dead together. It is said NA means Never Alone.
I have young people in my life. I remember hearing about their conception. We all worried about the parents’ sobriety. Could they handle a child? Could they step up to the plate and be parents? I have seen everything that could happen has happened to the parents and the children of recovery. Some couples stayed together, some did not. In my 21 years of recovery I have seen life find a way and the next generation is here, ready or not, life goes on. Some of the children were raised by clean parents of sprit. I know program kids who are so healthy they shine brightly. I know program kids who have died all ready. 

I believe the kids of those who stayed clean are innately better off than the kids of those who have continued in the struggle. The best thing of all that I know is, that it’s all good. We are each on our own path. Every one of us is on an individual journey as we evolve to our ever increasing diversity. I believe we are all born perfect, whole and complete individualized expressions of love. 
When I was a kid, I woke in the morning to see my family and receive my nurturing. Then I wanted to run, and jump, and play, and live my freedom in bliss. I was compelled to love and have as much fun as possible. 
Somewhere along the line I decided my parents maybe were not the perfect teachers, nor the most intelligent, most loving, most beautiful people in the world. 
As I had held belief in parental perfection belief as absolute truth, I was crushed to find I they may have had faults. I was so angry and hurt by the knowledge of their humanness that I decided they appeared to have more serious faults than most others. These childhood condemnations lead me to loose faith in all established systems and a rebellious spirit became my constant companion. 
The first thing I heard in my recovery program was your resentments will kill you. Then in Alanon I heard “It doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter, and doesn’t matter.” I knew I was on to something. The fact that every little detail of life was not my business gave me a new idea that forgiveness of others was possible. These revelations lead me to begin to understand self forgiveness was recommended. As I took in these earth shaking concepts they showed me the way I had been thinking was way off. I was promised I’d find peace if I could change my mind. 
A large portion of my spare time is spent maintaining my spiritual condition. I go to work and I go to meetings, or to my church. I talk on the phone to people who are not using and who want to help me in my recovery; I listen to peaceful music so I can have some meditation. Good food, the decorations in my clean house, exercise like walking my dog on trails I like, this kind of stuff keeps me together. I find my way out of continuing to do things that I don’t like. I don’t take part in actions that upset me. Taking care of business doesn’t have to include suffering. There is a solution. 
My well being is of top priority. Doing what is important to me in a way that I can feel good about myself makes it possible for me to stay clean. Being mindful of other people’s feelings is a part of recovery too. Do no harm. Be polite. 
Living our lives trying to make others happy is often one of the key ingredients in the addictive process. This is the selfish part of the program. While recovery is about being of service, and learning how to give; it is also about taking care of yourself so you have something to give. We must always replenish the well. We can’t give away something we haven’t got. Being of service is not about being a martyr. Stretching beyond our comfort zone is how we grow. There are many paradoxes in the program we must be willing to be a little uncomfortable and try new things, but then find a way to be comfortable in this new action. We can be of service without trying to be who other people want us to be. My adjusted attitude can make what was once impossible very doable. We must find a way to be kind to ourselves and others. 

Faith is an action in that way. My thinking is powerful. Another one of the great gifts of recovery is the ability to realize that this is my life to live as I choose. I take the action to go to meetings and be at the center of the heard. I am not floating around the edges of the safety and happiness zones. I go to church and make sure people know I am there. I love relationships. That’s my favorite thing. I go to meetings and most often speak up and share, I thank the speaker, and stay after the meeting is over to talk to people. 
In recovery I have been taught that my shyness was some kind of self centered fear. My life was controlled at one time by the fear of what people will think of me. As I listened in meetings I came to understand that everyone spends most of their energy thinking about them selves and not so much about me. Some of what I hear shared in meetings teaches me what to do and some of it teaches me what not to do. It’s all good. Meetings are not something I take only when I need them. What ever that means! 
For me I feel that I have found my life’s meaning. Addiction was a primary part of my existence for so long even before I stated using, addiction was around me. I have replaced it with recovery being primary. My main job has been and continues to be carrying a message of hope to addicts and their families. Work is what I do in between 
meetings to pay my bills. 
I went from a broken lost soul to a woman of power. What a transformative journey. Maybe your addiction story is similar or very different than mine. Getting clean and sober is possible for all of us. The lie is dead, we do recover. The clean and sober part is only the beginning that opens the door to changing our thinking. What I think about myself and how I think about others has truly changed. I have learned how to live walking the path of serenity and good will. For this I am grateful. 
Today I work in treatment. I love my work. I am an interventionist. I belief in my message that addicts

 do recover and recovery is a much better life than active addiction gives me the confidence to get on a plane and go do this very personal work with people I have never even met.



Loriann Witte CAC

Wits Inn

Wits End Interventions


DUI Drug Charges Is Rehab the Answer

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Addicts need to get well, and become free of addiction

Recovery brings hope

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Forgiveness the formula for addiction recovery

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Forgiveness is the answer

By Loriann Witte CAC 949-292-2000


My Divine gift is getting to help remind addicts who they really are. I stand sober and full of peace in their presence. My spiritual teachers stand right there with me. I get to see the higher self reawakening in my friends and take its rightful place in the driver’s seat. The power and unbridled joy that comes out of this love-fest, is over the moon and back again.  The first time I saw a vision of an addict’s higher self was when I fell in love with my husband Pat

in 1980. Pat and I were caught up in active drug addiction, and everything that goes with that. Even in that dark night of the soul, we found each other as diamonds in the really rough. In the face of our circumstances of that time, I always knew Pat on a soul-to-soul level as who he is right now.   

 was developing a skill, a skill that would become my most valued spiritual practice.
My 12-step recovery combined with my Spiritual Living classes and total experience with our Drug Rehab center has made it possible for me to accept and embrace my whole life. The God-eye of truth shows me only a thin veil of tears separates us. The oneness is always right there for us.  I am so grateful to know I have this gift in my life.
In 12-step meetings, in church, at work; my heart yearned to have our own addiction healing ministry. I feel a profound calling that this is the work for me. I quit my dy job 2 years ago and now I know God is the source of my supply.  I keep close to the spirit and do the work before me, one day at a time.
Five newly recovering guests live in our home with us today, two more are coming tomorrow so Pat and I will have to sleep at the hotel until we can get another house open, but we will be in the home with them everyday.  We are chugging along.  I live in complete faithful knowledge that all is well and we have more than enough. This blesses Pat, me and so many loved ones that we have not even met yet.

I am so grateful for

1. My sobriety

2. My marriage

3. Dr. Heather, Rev.Alene, Rev. Judee, and my church family

Spirit Dancers

Dolphins and all High Vibrations of Oneness

4. Our 3 kids, grand kids, siblings, Moms and Dads

5. My health and my life.

And so it is. Amen

Wits Inn Recovery

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