Wits Inn Recovery is a drug and alcohol treatment center
Witts Inn Recovery is located in sunny Southern California. We are in Orange County, California. Witts Inn offers inpatient rehab, sober living, drug and alcohol detoxification, interventions and treatment refferal. We have certified drug and alcohol counselors on site, licensed therapists on site and a medical doctor to help with any health issues.
You can contact us for more information at 949 292 2000 or email at info@wirecovery.com
Loriann Witte is the founder of Wits Inn Recovery,
About Loriann Witte, CAC, Drug and Alcohol Intervention Specialist, Sobriety Coach, Treatment Counselor

Certified Alcoholism Counselor,
Saddleback College, graduated 1989

Wits Inn Recovery & Sober Living House
Co-owner for 13 years
Responsibilities: Out Patient Treatment Center, P-C1000 programs in English & Spanish, Domestic Violence Programs Intervention, Primary Treatment, and Family Treatment

CPC Hospitals (Community Psychiatric), Drug Treatment Counselor, Assistant Program Director
Internship followed by 3 years of employment
Responsibilities: Chemical Dependency Counter Point Program, Multi-Family Primary, Family After Care, JCOHA review preparation, staffing reports to director of nursing/acuity, notices/ incident reports, documentation standards adherence, Staff coverage of treatment schedule

CPC Mental Health Program’s
Internship Mental Health Worker
Responsibilities: Supervision, support, activities of daily living, charting 5150 locked unit client on holds

As a Para-professional supervised by MFCC & Psychiatrist Treatment Team
Groups & Activities – 55 Plus Geriatric clients
Responsibilities: Children MH program, Teen Behavioral program, Process Group & Documentation – Multi personality women

First Step out Patient Program (with support of CPC Hospital)
Owner & Co-Founder, Group Facilitator
Responsibilities: Wrote the Treatment Program, 3 owners MFCC, LCSW, and myself staffed the groups, CPC kept us licensed & compliant

First Step of Laguna Beach
Co-Owner, Program Director
Responsibilities: State License Compliance, Pursuing and complying with Insurance Contracts, Devising a Treatment Protocol – Staffing, Scheduling the Treatment Center, Working with local MD’s, out-Patient Detox, Writing a Policy & Procedure Manual for State License, Writing an employee Manual, Maintaining Parole Contract with SASCA for Placement

Sober High School for Teens, education with treatment
Attendance of education seminars, speaking and writing articles
Responsibilities: Community drug testing business, local company contract testing pre-hire, Alternative Sentencing –appearing in court & writing progress reports for probation, Hosting Professional & Community Recovery Events

Spencer Recovery Center
Intake, Intervention, Sobriety Coaching


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