Wits Inn Recovery is now refering clients to Dr Suzie Schuder a board cetified Psychiatrist who is questioning the use of phycotropic medication in some cases. Her holistic aproach is to us cortisol. Wits Inn Recovery is now referring our addiction and mental health client’s to Dr Schuder. Her Holistic treatment of the adrenal gland with cortisol replacement may take the place of psychotropic medication in many cases. Cortisol is know to improve stabilization in the treatment of addiction, alcoholism, stress and depression, weight loss, and helps to slow aging. You can see Dr Schuder MD with the help of “Wits Inn Recovery” a treatment referral source. Love and respect Intervention is one of our specialties.
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ABSTRACT: In patients of all ages, many disorders labeled as psychiatric may actually be due to hormonal insufficiencies. For example, cortisol deficiency is rarely
taken into account in a medical or psychiatric work-up, so persons with mild to moderate cortisol insufficiency are for the most part relegated to receiving a psychiatric diagnosis when, in fact, the same disorder is represented. However, the symptoms of cortisol insufficiency appear to closely parallel such psychiatric disorders as post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and addictions. There has been some question of whether substance abuse causes a hypocortisolemic state.

In reviewing the literature and obtaining detailed histories of addicted patients,it appears that childhood trauma, also known as “early life stress” (ELS), instead
may elicit a hypocortisolemic state. This leads some to self-medicate with an addictive substance to quell the pain of a cortisol insufficiency, both physical and
emotional. In fact, the literature supports the concept that addictive substances increase cortisol in predisposed patients. Patients with a variety of psychiatric
disorders including addictions were found to have signs and symptoms of mild or moderate hypocortisolemia. Generally, an appropriate comprehensive examination
supported a diagnosis of cortisol insuffiency. For the most part, these patients were succesfully treated with physiologic doses of bio-equivalent
hydrocortisone, along with replacement of any other deficient hormone. By correcting underlying hormonal insufficiencies, many patients improved, with some
patients having a total reversal of psychiatric symptoms. It is therefore reasonable to evaluate and treat hormonal insufficiencies with hormones prior to using psychotropic medication.
Could cortisol insuffiency be what is making you relapse over and over, When you want to stay sober?
Could you ever get off of your psych meds and be OK, maybe even beter than ever.
Wits Inn Recovery will support you in your disision to continue with you medication
or to try working with Dr. Schuder. Wits Inn Recovery is famous for the respect we
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