Beyond Treatment

My name is Loriann Witte 949-292-2000
We present this Information to the client’s and families, to help you to make informed plans about where do we go from treatment, after discharge.

This is a big important part of your treatment.

I am a certified Addiction & Alcoholism councilor. I have been a counselor for about 19 years. I was taught that discharge planning is to be addressed from admit on.

A lot of people in treatment just want to make it through the day and not think about the future – just do the next indicated step stay sober do your assignments, make it to group and not get behind. Try to stay as cool as possible while you are going though eye opening experiences.

We do learn to live one day at a time & not try to project the future.
Recovery is about taking responsibility for our own lives.
Soon you have to make one of the most important decisions of your life.
How do I take all of these new coping skills, and walk them out the doors of the treatment center with me. You will begin to notice, as you go along that you fell great, clear & strong. We clean up nice – within a few weeks you look great. Some people say wheew Oh wow, that addiction thing – glad that’s over with.
Don’t forget where you came from – Never forget that last drunk – the bad one the thing that got you here.
Big book says – We do not dwell in the past, nor do we whish to shut the door on it. Our deep dark past will become your most valued possession.
Valued to keep you humble enough to do what it takes to stay sober , one day at a time for the rest of your life.
Valuable to give you compassion with people who are having hard times.
Valuable to remember to be kind and patient with your loved ones – Remember they are recovering from all that has happened too. The addict gets meetings, counseling, everyday we are offered an out let for our issues & for the stress of daily live. Our loved ones who have suffered as our victims while we called them of persecutors are all hurt & confused too. Those of you clients and families who are still in the stage of blame… Just know this outlook will pass. We are unable to change other people; we can only change our selves.
Even if we could prove that someone else was responsible for you problems to some percentage, You are 100% responsible for your recovery.
Serenity prayer.
Like most things wonderful things we learn our disease can twist it a little and give it back to us as an excuse to stay sick. I say our disease because I am a recovering ETOH & addict clean for 22 years.

I am trying to empower each of you with an education about what it takes to sty sober beyond treatment. Talk to someone in your meetings who states they have 2 yrs sober. Ask them to share with you their experience, strength, and hope. By sharing some of themselves and their story about what it was like – what happened – and what it is like now. Ask, how different is your life today? What have you been through in the disease and in recovery – what has saved your life so far one day at a time to keep you sober and growing.

As you listen to their story look for the similarities not the differences
Don’t justify – identify

If they are not as sick as you – then listen to all they had to do to stay sober.
If they are worse than you – then realize – the disease of addiction is chronic, progressive
& fatal if left untreated.

We only get a daily deprive based on the maintenance of our spiritual condition.

Anything they have experienced is a “yet” for you, if your addiction remains untreated.
The Lie is dead, we do recover.
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